We all need help sometimes.

It can happen that our usual resiliency becomes overwhelmed by a crisis, a change in life circumstances, or just the build up of every day stresses. You may be feeling stuck, finding that your own coping skills fall short, and that support from family and friends just isn’t enough. A trained and experienced psychotherapist can help you turn seemingly insurmountable obstacles into unique opportunities for change and growth.

As a psychotherapist, I strive to help you explore yourself and your relationships and then assist you in creating a life based on your most treasured values, beliefs, hopes, and intentions. Quite often, pain or suffering is an indication that we have strayed away from what is most precious to us. I am interested in understanding what is most important to you and helping you to live in ways that honor these valued beliefs and intentions.

My approach is down to earth, flexible, and collaborative. I provide a safe and nurturing environment for exploration, healing, and growth to take place. Having worked with numerous survivors of physical and sexual abuse, I have found that such abuse often takes place in the context of a relationship. Therefore, I believe that the establishment of a respectful and authentic therapist/client relationship can itself contribute significantly to the healing process.

For more than twenty years, I have worked extensively with individuals from a wide variety of cultural and national backgrounds. I both enjoy and am dedicated to the complexities involved in working across areas of difference. I see all of the challenges facing those I work with as situated within a much larger societal context, and I join with my clients to look at the ways in which such institutions as racism, feminism, classism, and heterosexism may have contributed to their present struggles.